Photography props
Heirloom inspired knits
Newborn photography props

Care instructions

Handy tips
  • Rinse item straight away if baby poops on it. This will make cleaning the item much easier for you later. I would recomend putting a little wool wash directly on the stain and then running under a tap. Then follow the hand washing intructions.

  • If our product tag states the garment is machine washable, I recomend using a wool wash or gentle setting and a delicates bag as you don't want your item being stretched out of shape. Also, wash with like colours to avoid any colour running. Then follow the how to dry your item instructions.

  • Fresh air is perfect for airing out your knits in between washes and will keep them smelling lovely. This is a perfect option for bonnets and blankets that arnt soiled. You do not want to over wash your item as they are delicate and this can course wear and tear.

How to hand wash your item

When hand washing you want to use luke warm water, fill up your basin and add a wool wash detergent. Lulu laroux loves Soak wash. You want to add your knits after you have filled the basin with water.


Wool can felt very easily so you need to be careful when washing. Gentle press under the water and leave to soak for 15 minutes.


Squeeze out water being careful not to wring the item (make sure you pick up the whole item as it can stretch out of shape when filled with water.)


If you need to rinse the item, make sure you use the same temperature water as you don’t want to shock the fibres which can course felting.



How to dry your item

Place you item on a towel then roll to remove excess water.


On a dry towel lay your item flat (Do not hang!) and gently pull into original shape make sure not to over stretch, but if it is a lacey item for example a blanket then you can stretch a little to open out the lace work. 


Dry your item in the shade.