A beautifuly soft and airy wrap with plenty of stretch in both directions.

Essence of Autumn Bloom wrap pre order

Colour: Dusty Rose
  • Colour ordered: Dusty Rose 

    • Lenght: 125cm
    • Width: 35cm  


    These hand knit wraps are beautiful soft and airy with plenty of stretch in both directions.  These are made using an italian lace weight Mohair / silk blend. These need to be hand washed only due to the luxe nature of the yarn.


    Pre order information


    There is a 8 week turn around time at the moment due to having to wait for this yarn to ship. The wraps will be knit as soon as the yarn arrives. Full payment is required before any custom/preorder is started

    *Please note these are $10 more expensive as I dont normally order yarn from the States but I really wanted to support this lovely small business https://www.instagram.com/essenceofautumn/